20 Things You Can DO/BE/PRACTICE in these Stressful Times of 2020

  1. DO…What brings you peace and calm – now do more of it
  2. BREATHE – extremely important – this new virus attacks the lungs. Breathing deeply helps calm your body and mind. And the 4-4-4-4 breathing method will help remove anxiety. INHALE to the count of 4, HOLD for 4, EXHALE for the count of 4 and HOLD for 4. Do this for a minute. Do this breathing technique when you feel anxiety or fear rearing their ugly heads.
  3. WALK/GO outside in mother nature – if you can on grass or dirt with bare feet.
  4. AND…if you are so inclined, hug a tree. TREES are here to help us human beings, be. They remove anxiety. If you hug them with your chest towards the tree they will help keep your lungs clear and strong.
  5. PAUSE – how might you take better care of yourself right now? What practice might you begin that will assist in this? You can’t go to the gym but you can exercise at home. Take that Epson salt bath that you’ve been wanting.
  6. TAP gently on your lung area with the first two fingers of your hands and then tap on your sides where your ribcage is…do a few times when you might be feeling extra anxious.
  7. Since this virus is primarily a lung issue and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the lungs are the emotional outlet for grief, sadness, disappointment and for some anxiety. When you hold on to these emotions they are stuck in the lungs…time to release this stuck energy that is no longer servingyou (and actually never has). Releasing this stuck energy will help to keep you healthier in this time of chaos.
  8. HUMOR – laughter is the best medicine! You have nothing to laugh at and this certainly isn’t funny – agreed! AND…you can look in the mirror into your own eyes and smile – it’s a very easy way to adjust your attitude…just sayin’…
  9. WONDER WOMAN – If you’re wondering another way to lessen or remove your fear when it arises…do the wonder woman(superman) pose. Legs wide apart, hands on hips, shoulders back, head up – you’ve got this! You can do this! You are a super wonder!
  10. COMMUNITY – even if you can’t be with someone in person – zoom them, facetime, skype – reach out in some way to “see” your family, friends, people you care about. Text, call, email to check on those you know…stay together in any way you can in this period of isolation.
  11. GRATITUDE – being grateful changes everything. What do YOU have to be grateful for you ask? What about the bird that just chirped outside your window…or the fact that you have food in the kitchen and a stash of beer and toilet paper…or that flowers are blooming or the snow is melting or that you have a new opportunity to be home with those you love and get creative. You could think of a few things every day…little, tiny things that youdon’t ordinarily think about. THANK YOU!
  12. JOURNALING – you do NOT have to be a writer to journal. To dump all the worry and fear and anxiety on the page where no one will ever see it. It literally gets it off your chest…this alone might keep you healthy (lol). And you could chose to burn it when you’re done with it…you do have choices every moment, even whenyou don’t think you do.
  13. CALL up the positive people in your life and get a dose of goodness.
  14. SING, DANCE, SWEAR… do whatever you need to do to express what you are feeling and to keep the energy moving and flowing.
  15. REST, REPLENISH yourself and your environment. If you’re stuck at home clean a closet, sort through things that you kept saying you were planning to do for the past 2 years…now is the time.
  16. AFFIRM that whatever happens in your outside life that you are safe and all is well.
  17. RESILIENCE, STRENGTH – you have it, more than you think and we will get through this.
  18. WAKE UP - BE CONSCIOUS – A constant message I am getting is that WE MUST be conscious of this world, ourselves and how we are and who we be in the world, mother earth/the environment. This virus that is upon us is a wake-up call toeveryone…don’t wait any longer for your consciousness alarm to go off…BE CONSCIOUS NOW in how you are and all you do.
  19. DO what feeds your soul now. Play with the kids. You don’t need to make that pot of soup right now. Paint. Play scrabble with one other neighbor. Make soup for the elderly man across the way.
  20. MEDITATE/PRAY - Stay in touch with your version of the divine - Call out to the Universe, God, goddess, the SKY…whatever brings you solace in times of confusion. BREATHE…go back to #2 AND…you can contact me for an energy healing session or to receive messages from the angels and spirit world about our current chaotictimes…times of exploration of what else might we do now?

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