Good Morning Sunshine!

Who are you calling sunshine? It’s 7:00 in the morning and I am NOT a morning person. So you know what you can do with your beautiful, light, bright sunshine!And, besides its February and dark and cold and…

If this is you, there is hope!We will get back to mornings but first, here’s a question: whether you work for someone or if you own your own business, how do you want to feel each day doing business, being out in the business world? If you say successful, productive or some other larger than life word…Google the word, look it up and find the meaning of the word. Break this larger concept down into smaller pieces to see what it is made of and how it might better relate to you.

So you’ve decided on a feeling for your work days. What shape and color is that feeling? Go back to kindergarten and get out those crayons, colored pens or pencils and draw your shape and color it in.

Now, when you get up in the morning and you do not feel this way, then wear that color (even if it’s your underwear). No one else can see it but you know you have your special color on. The other idea is to have an object in that color on your desk, your wall, near you in some way. This will be an additional and constant reminder of how you want to feel.

When you are the one deciding how you want to feel in every moment it is very empowering. One of the men that did this exercise came up with a pair of wings for his shape and teal for his color. So he bought teal colored paper and cut out the wing shape. He has it on the wall of his office where he can see it every day, multiple times a day. He has been delighted with the outcome and how it has kept his mood and energy high throughout the day. He feels empowered and successful more consistently.

You also get to decide what you are going to do to maintain this feeling throughout the day. What actions will you take, what has to happen, what do you need, to feel this way? And taking it one step further you are now the master of your year. Whether you have it planned out or if you are winging it once again, if you are in touch with how you want to feel, then your days, hours, weeks, months will go how you want them to be. Will there be a dash of disappointment every once in a while? Of course!Nothing is perfect, but those negative feelings won’t last as long as they once did. You are in control, you are the power plant, you know how you want to feel–this is what matters. You get to decide who you are at every moment.

“Happiness is not a possession to be prized. It is a quality of thought, a state of mind.” Daphne Du Maurier in Rebecca.