LIFE INSISTS ON CHAOS – 8 THINGS YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT TO CREATE PEACE IN YOUR LIFE (there are 9 numbers because one of the suggestions is listed twice)

Before we begin where are you and your life in the chaos scale? Do you even know or are you so caught up in the storms of life whirling around you that you do not think it is chaos. Believe me, it is.

So, what are you going to do about it? Here are seven ideas to bring immediate and long range peace into your life. You could be so blessed out you won’t recognize your life as it could be.

  1. Breathe through it.
  2. Enjoy now!Enjoy every moment you have…do you know how many you have left? Enjoy!3. Live in the moment. I have some good ideas for this – see future blogs
  3. Get used to the chaos. Stop fighting it. Chaos is what the world thrives on. Getting used to it doesn’t mean you have to ACCEPT it. It just means to acknowledge it and let it go…breathe in your own kind of peace. You know you can do it!5. Love it
  4. Breathe through it…this needed more explanation–it might be the most important one. We take breathing for granted since it’s automatic. Next time you get a stuffed up head and it’s hard to breathe….think about it.
Whatever emotional tornado is whirling around you and twirling you upside down, take a deep breath. Deeper. Again, and even deeper. Now look again at that blizzard that you call life and breathe again three more times. Now try breathing from your lower belly or diaphragm. This might even increase the peace ratio. Think about how many times per day you actually stop breathing. It’s that old fight or flight animal survival. You are most likely not in a fight, not needing to take flight right this moment from a charging herd of wild boar not are you an animal. It’s amazing what is humans do to ourselves. I am the world’s best breath holder. I catch myself doing it a lot–sometimes just out of habit. If you are a breath holder you could try putting sticky notes all over your house with the word BREATHE on them…a good reminder to let your body does what it does naturally…breathe. Notice the difference after a few days.
  1. Create some imaginative distractions. They can be absolutely delicious. Tap into your right brain intuitive imagineer–think about it.
  2. Life goes on–with or without you–chaos or no chaos. You, too, can learn to deal.
  3. Learn to let go of fear, perfection, regrets, worrying, guilt, judgments, comparing – the list might be endless and you can make your own

A parting few words “Ransom your creativity from chaos.” Sarah Ban Breathnach