Three Steps

Three steps to using your senses to make your dream life come true

Here are some suggestions to make sure you are feeling your very best all the time.    

  1.   This first one might be the hardest one, and possibly take all the courage you have. This is not for the weak, powerless, or faint of heart. Grab all the gusto you can, wind up all the courage you have and put it all in the palm of your hand. Take three deep breaths with your eyes wide open. Take one HUGE step to the right and take one more deep breath. Now that you have successfully gotten out of your own way, you are ready for success in 2015.    

  2.   We’re going to use our senses to become one with the feeling that you want to have. What does gusto sound like, courage taste like, fearlessness look like, freedom feel like and success smell like? Use these five senses to hone in more sharply on your feelings. Choose one feeling and substitute it above in each of the five senses. The example shows five different feelings – strong suggestion: use the same feeling for each of the five feelings.    

  3. You have two more senses that are just as important or perhaps more important than the first five actual senses. Your 6th sense is your intuition which EVERYONE has–some just use it more than others. Some rely on it and some have turned it off long ago in a scoffing manner. Those of you who would like to be more conscious and aware as you go about your daily life, you may want to consider switching it back on, listening to it more deeply or just randomly paying attention to it to see for yourself how powerful it really is.

Your intuition is the one true source that knows (truly knows) what is best for you, the actions that will keep you safe, those events that you are meant to attend, those places you might want to go to, and the people you are supposed to meet. It is your own personal guidance system. You have it, I have it–we all have it. It’s a matter of turning it on/plugging it in, making sure the batteries are operational and then listening to it and taking its advice.