Visioning Your Future Steps

  1. Begin placing the images on the board. You can create sections on the board for the various parts of your life - physical health, work in the world, spiritual endeavors, hobbies and passions, relationships, lifestyle/home environment. When I was planning to open a wellness center I did a large collage just for that center, what it would look like and everything that would be involved in it. I have done full life boards and I have done small eight and one half by eleven sized ones for specific arenas. A couple years ago I did a smaller one concentrating on my writing, getting published and being more successful. I glued the last image in place and within ten minutes my cell phone rang. It was a chairwoman from the state woman’s clubs calling to advise me that I had won second place for my essay and first place for my poem in the state competition. The poem went on to win first place in the national competition that year. TEN MINUTES. That was very fast!

Where does your treasure lie? What are you manifesting for yourself?

  1. Complete your collage by gluing your favorite images and words in place. Step back from your creation and see it, really “see” it with your heart. Smile. Hang it where you can see it often. Give thanks for the life you are manifesting. When you believe it you will see it!You have it all right now.