What Really Matters - Continued

Did you make your list last week of what really matters in your life? Maybe you didn’t get that far in the blog to realize that there was the dreaded–homework!No worries. We can do it together here and create our own self discovery process.
Start a fresh page in your journal, or take out your latest greatest device, or find a piece of paper to write on. Something as small as a post it would be perfect. Bigger isn’t better. You’re not going to be writing your memoirs or a novel or anything – just a short list of what really matters to you.

Begin with the first thing that comes to mind and add other thoughts from there. I think three is always a good number to start with, so try for at least three things/concepts that really matter. This will be our starting point, a jumping off point, if you will, for further exploration. We’re going to go from dreaming to creating to actually doing something as we decide how to incorporate all that really matters into our life right now.

It’s interesting about time. Don’t wait for the perfect time…it never comes. Start now. The key is to start. And, it’s not a bad idea to review every few months. The seasons change and so do we (some of us, some of the time). If you actually began at the beginning of the year, then perhaps you want to look at your list at the beginning of every quarter to see if what really mattered a few months ago is still important. Maybe something that really mattered then, already has come to fruition.

Be careful what you wish for. Once you start the process of becoming clear about your life, your business, your Self, things start to happen. You have let the Universe know what you really want. And, putting it in print, on paper, visible on your device, will enhance the manifesting process. Get ready to have in your life what really matters. Make sure that what is on your list really is important.

Start your list here and now. Make sure you have at least three things on your list. More is okay in this instance. Too many, however, could become a burden and another to do list of all the things you have to accomplish. Again–keeping it small and manageable is a good thing. Once you have your list prioritize it–from most important to least important.

What can you do today, perhaps right this moment, to make your number one “what really matters” thing happen. The suggestion is to have one-three action steps. Small, baby steps are good. You have all the time you need to have all that you want. Chunk your day and week into smaller segments. Add time for yourself.

Oh, right!Did you remember to put yourself on the list of what really matters? Did you give yourself play time, fun time, time with friends and family? Please add yourself to the list immediately. You matter–never forget that.