What Really Matters?

It’s a new, amazing, clean slate year–2015. Can you believe it’s 2015? What happened to 2004, 1998? Or 1978 or 1965…you get the point. Time seems to be flying by at warp speed. Let’s not just say this will be a good year, let’s be determined to make this an outstanding year. Now that almost 8 months are behind us, let’s look ahead of us and consider that less might be more. Doing less of what doesn’t work, isn’t bringing you joy or making you money, and having less things to dust, might open doors for having more of what you really want. Do you know what you really want? What if less really was more?

Instead of making a list of resolutions that you know deep in your heart you probably won’t keep anyway why not dig deeper into the real heart of you?

What matters to you in your life? What matters to you in the business that you do? Are you ready to go to the heart of the matter–to discover what really matters to you?

Can you pare down your life so it is filled with only those aspects that really matter. How will you choose to spend your time in 2015. As Mary Oliver asks in her poem, The Summer Day, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I know I already asked you this question in another blog. It’s important.

STOP!And ask yourself are you ready for this? Are you ready for the life you desire?

LOOK!At your life as it is. Are you totally happy with it? Or, are you disappointed, perplexed, ready for something else? Are you scratching your head and wondering how you got here? Again!?

LISTEN!Right now to your heart, your intuition, that still small voice that guides you to your good.

Tell me what is it you plan to do with what is left of this precious year? This wild week? This wonderful day that contains 24 hours. I truly believe that there are no accidents and that things happen, people come into our lives, events transpire so that we can make our mark. So that we can learn (or not), grow (or not) and become wiser (or not) as we go through life.

So in line with the “no accidents” thinking, a dear friend of mine sent me a link to some books by Sarah Susanka. She is an architect who wrote several books about living and thriving in smaller spaces. This is the opposite of the McMansion bigger-is-better thinking. Many have taken this to the biggest is the best. Her personal growth book–The Not So Big Life, Making Room For What Really Matters is what has prompted this blog and line of thinking. I know resolutions don’t work, and all of those good intentions sometimes get left by the side of the road of life so I am starting off this year with a list of what really matters and just concentrating on that. And I'm doing pretty good so far, if I do say so myself...how about you?
What are your plans for the rest of 2015? Will you get off the merry-go-round and live your life with heart? Live your life from your intuitive nature, from what really matters to you?