Do you see the glass half empty or half full? Or totally empty or totally full? That is always the question and your answer will probably not always be the same. You could see it overflowing with everything you desire, if you cultivate a mindset of abundance. The more often you can view the proverbial glass as half full or even all full then it will become so. (Universal law # 386.)

  1. GRATITUDE – Appreciation for what you do have. Okay, you cannot think of one good thing about your life…it just sucks every day. What about your cat purring, your dog nuzzling you, your bird chirping? What about the friend who called to say hello and to see how you were? What you are grateful for, what you feel blessed by, does not have to be huge. You do not have to win the lottery to find something to appreciate. Start small and see where it leads. A gratitude journal works to get your mindset turned around from life sucks to thank you, I forgot about that. On the days I don’t write in my gratitude journal, I wake up saying “thank you” and I say those two words throughout the day even if nothing is actually going on. When you start counting your blessings you may find more to be grateful for than you think. How are you blessed? There is a saying I like, an old French proverb, “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”. A suggestion is to concentrate on what is good about your life–even if it’s infinitesimal today. It’s in those minute details that come the real blessings

  2. SHARING AND TITHING – Share yourself, your gifts and what is in your heart–it costs nothing to do this. Tithing 10% of your income to what feeds your soul. If you go to a house of worship, if you feel strongly about a certain organization, tithe to those places. It’s a Universal law that what you give out comes back to you tenfold. Try it. You can tithe your time and talents also. It’s also a good idea to give back to yourself. I think my grandmother called it saving for a rainy day. If you put away 10% of all that you’ve made over the years, imagine how much you would have right now. Even if you;ve only been in the job market a short time. You can’t afford it you say. What about that $4.50 cup of coffee every day, those packs of cigarettes, the new sweater that you just had to have…think about what you spend your money on.

  3. CELEBRATE – Relish what is great about each moment. Remember how many moments took your breath away (and celebrate them) rather than concentrating on how many breaths you take each moment. You are alive, you woke up this morning, you have the whole day ahead of you. Make it your best day.