Really? I can be in control all the time? Of course you can…you just forgot.

How often do you ask yourself…”How do I want to feel as I sit here at my computer, desk, phone, ________ and do my work?” Do you ask yourself at the end of your devolved day, “How do I want to feel NOW besides cranky and exhausted as Istraighten the house, clean the kitchen, maybe put children to bed, have a few precious moments to myself (or not), or sit beside my significant other to watch the ever-present-depression-causing-I-want-to-shoot-myself-goings-on-in-the-world?”

So…how do you want to feel? To start this empowerment process with ease and grace, take a step back, a deep breath, sink into yourself and ask your heart how you want to feel in each area of your life. This is one way to take radical care of yourself…and how often do you do that?

A few years ago, when my life was not working and was totally not what I thought it would/could/should be, I began experimenting with this concept of how I want to feel in every aspect of that life. And, as a result I blew up my entire life. Totally obliterated it…actually I transformed it. I have never been happier! And, this happiness continues.

When I am aware of how I want to feel in the moment, I stay in the moment longer and I make sure I do something to make myself feel that way. It’s my responsibility to feel as I want to feel–not anyone else’s. This takes a load from all the people in my life and puts it on me. But that “load” doesn’t seem like a burden. I feel empowered to have the choice in my control. It is my choice how I want to feel right this moment and the next and the next and…Woohoo!

Here is an example of how I want to feel in the area of personal relationships. When I am with a person, love interest or friend, I want to feel respect, acceptance for me, all my greatness and my foibles, unconditional love, loyalty, trust…there’s more but you get the idea. After being married twice, having a few flings, being in a couple of longer love relationships, and having many friendships throughout the years, I know I can have exactly what I want. I know I can have all of those feelings I have listed above and much, much more. I can have it all… I am going out right now to the nearest shelter and I am getting myself a dog! LOL Woof! Woof!

How do you want to feel right in this moment? How do you want to feel while you are at work, at play, in your primary relationship? Are you feeling that way? If so, great! If not, what are you going to do, or be, or what do you need to experience to have that feeling? The choice is yours. Imagine and ask right now…am I ready to feel how I want to feel in all aspects of my life? AM I?