It's About Grace

Every day upon awakening I ask the Universe to allow me to go through my day with grace and ease. My days seems to be more peaceful. When I’m in traffic I repeat to myself – grace and ease, grace and ease, grace and ease and I flow along, the lights seem to keep turning green just as I get there…easy. It always helps to remember to ask.

What this has done for me is I’ve learned to stop complicating my life, put away the drama queen outfit in the old trunk in the basement and accept life as it presents itself in such a myriad of ways. This is the ease part. Am I perfect at it–not even close but it’s in my thought pattern and that’s what makes it more top of mind more of the time. This is what prompts me to remember to ask for ease throughout the day. It’s a good habit to get into.

Grace–what is this beside another five letter word? It’s a very important word and holds a depth that I have not begun to imagine. Is this grace that I sense a miracle from the Universe, God/goddess speaking in my ear or just another moment in time that was supposed to be? Or, is grace the good that comes with the bad and the ugly parts of life or of the day at hand? Maybe grace is the angels sending their love or a giant knowingness that pushes me out of the way of the falling piano.