Are you filled with anxiety, stressed to the max about money?

What’s it like sheltering in place with your significant other, your children, parents, in-laws? Still cordial, smiling at each other? OR, are you ready to strangle the one who keeps complaining and commenting on every news item? Is it time to run away screaming?

If you are ready to relieve the stress, keep yourself sane and all the people in your house happy, I can help – remotely of course.

Entrepreneurs! What’s happening to your business/income?

As an energy healer, Reiki Master, I can help you release the anxiety and stress that could be blocking you.

As a clairvoyant medium who “sees” live people, as well as your deceased loved ones, I can release stuck behavior patterns, ancestral traumas and negative energy that have been interfering with your relationships and life.

I can potentially help you improve communications, turn prospects into clients and transform your personal relationships.

Before you decide to run away screaming with your hair on fire, call me. Go from stressed, to blessed to BEST! What are you waiting for?

Call me at 513-328-1038.