Trees - Channeled Angelic Wisdom

IMPORTANT INFO FOR DOCTORS, NURSES, FIRST RESPONDERS, PEOPLE ON THE FRONT LINES OF THIS VIRUS WAR, AS WELL AS PEOPLE IN STORES, ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES – ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THE PUBLIC… TREES are extremely important right now. They are here on this earth to transmute energy; transmute emotions that are stuck in your body…transmute the virus that might be clinging to you or that you might be carrying.

TREES are here for all of us.

Lean against the tree if you’re too self-conscious to hug this beautiful earthbound savior. 3 minutes minimum after your day of public contact. Even if you’ve just gone to the grocery to shop – find that tree. Allow the tree to take your grief, anxiety, stress, your labored breathing,

your fears, any clinging germs…

The tree will send this energy into the earth’s deep core or up to the spacious sky to be transmuted into flowers, rain, love, water – whatever is needed to heal the planet and humanity at this time.

PLEASE…THE TREES ARE BEGGING YOU – help yourself; help the world; help the planet.