It's 2020 - here you are at the tender age of__ (insert your age) and you are wondering what happened.
What happened to that dream of being a ballerina, a famous actor, a mother of three+ children, a well paid lawyer, a doctor who found the cure for cancer, a wise woman who still marches for world peace or someone who recently graduated from college with the promise of everything at your fingertips and that dream job is still elusive.

You didn’t know he/she would die at such an early age. You didn’t see the medical judgment, the cancer, the heart attack coming to run you over like that 18-wheeler that just whizzed by on the highway. You didn’t know he would break up with you or that she, the ultimate love of your life, would ask for a divorce. How the heck did you get here?! Now?! At this tender age.

When did you become your mother? Your uncle Harry? How could this be your__ birthday? Where did all those years go? Why do you remember some of them as if they just happened last week? What happened to the dream job? How come you were the one to be downsized, out-sourced, misunderstood? Now what do you do?!

There may not be any real answers. But, the true answer is Now What?! What are you going to do about it? I am one of your guides through this journey called life and truthfully I have as many, or perhaps more, questions than you do. I may have lived a little longer so I have had more time to pile them up–both the questions and some of the answers.

Also, I have worked in hospice and with our wise elder population. I am a mentor, teacher and coach to people of all ages, as well as a public speaker, and workshop facilitator. As a refugee from corporate America after 30 some odd years and in my own business for 20+ years (some of these simultaneously, I’m not that old), I have had more business experience than I can imagine…good, bad and very ugly. Throughout all of this, the answers have flown in from the outer reaches of the Universe, been drilled into my head and squeezed from my heart. It’s time to pass some of them along to you.

We’re all in this together and my plan is to give you some insights, inspirations and motivations to keep you asking now what?! But to add–What else is possible?. We will get through this what that is now in our lives. The good news is that we can explore the what and discover many useful, unique, surprising, amazing things in the process. You’ll see. First, let’s stay in the present moment–the now.

One of my favorite lines from The Summer Day by Mary Oliver is “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Well, what do you plan to do now?