WTF happened to your real life?

It’s 2020 – a new decade, a new year that could be magical! Could be…or frightening or…relaxing, or a time to do around the house what you’ve been meaning to for the past three years, or maybe a time to reflect, go into the heart of YOU and ask, “what really matters? REALLY?” Are you ready to go to the heart of the matter to discover what really matters to you?

In your wildest nightmares, did you ever imagine you would be here, now in the epicenter of a pandemic…do you even know what that word really means? And then violence erupting all over the country. WTF?

What really matters to you in the light of this almost new normal…the new WTF happened to your real life? Oh, wait! This is your real life now…a life of marking time for now, a life of remembering to put on your mask – not the one you have been hiding behind for the past xxx years. The one that now helps keep you and those you encounter safe. What really mattered last December? Or last summer? Think about it…maybe having a relaxing or fun vacation, celebrating the holidays with family and friends…what new outfit to buy? What new toy might interest you? WTF happened to your real life?

Now, in summer 2020 what matters is that your loved ones, family and friends stay healthy. Or if the business that you just started will ever get off the ground since we are at ground zero. Maybe you wonder/worry whether your significant other’s business will survive. Back to the basics - having enough wine and toilet paper matter. What’s in the freezer that might work for dinner so you can stretch out going to the store for two more days? How to occupy the kids if you have them sheltered in place with you. Where will you be able to find more hand sanitizer? Safety and security matter now more than ever – the basics of survival. WTF happened to your real life?

Back to life…how are you spending it today? What will you have it look like tomorrow? You still have choices – please do not forget this important piece of this brand new puzzle. You can respond or react…every day could be different and maybe it’s time to learn to roll with those punches? Are you kidding me? I’m a human punching bag and I can barely stand up! How many rolls of toilet paper do we have left? WTF?!