Now What!?

Are you filled with anxiety, stressed to the max about money?

What’s it like sheltering in place with your significant other, your children, parents, in-laws? Still cordial, smiling at each other? OR, are you ready to strangle the one who keeps complaining and commenting on every news item? Is it time to run away screaming?

If you are ready to relieve the stress, keep yourself sane and all the people in your house happy, I can help – remotely of course.

Entrepreneurs! What’s happening to your business/income?

As an energy healer, Reiki Master, I can help you release the anxiety and stress that could be blocking you.

As a clairvoyant medium who “sees” live people, as well as your deceased loved ones, I can release stuck behavior patterns, ancestral traumas and negative energy that have been interfering with your relationships and life.

I can potentially help you improve communications, turn prospects into clients and transform your personal relationships.

Before you decide to run away screaming with your hair on fire, call me. Go from stressed, to blessed to BEST! What are you waiting for?

Call me at 513-328-1038.


As an energy intuitive and clairvoyant medium Carol Walkner uses her gifts to help entrepreneurs attain business success and financial freedom. As a Reiki master and holistic healer she helps people break free of physical and emotional pain to live the joy-filled life they desire.

What are you doing to create your ideal and successful life?

As a Manifestation Mentor and Success Strategist, Carol is in the business of helping people become more productive, more fulfilled, and more passionate about their lives. Over the years, under Walkner's guidance, hundreds of people have changed their outcome by redesigning their personal or professional lives. She is UNIQUE - using catalytic coaching techniques with holistic energy skills she is one of a kind. 

If you are in physical or emotional pain, energy balancing can help. As a Reiki master, energy healer & medical intuitive, Carol has been helping people for over 40 years.  

Carol reaches the business world by offering speaking engagements, workshops, and creative strategic planning group sessions. She also offers one-on-one guidance for individuals and small groups combining wisse coaching techniques while energetically removing blocks, resistances and obstacles that are reentering you from having the businesses successes you deserve.

Are you exactly where you want to be in your personal life?

Who are you? Really? What do you value? What is your passion? What is the big "WHY" in your life? What lights you up? Are you living in your true power? Are you happy with the life you have created so far?

If you answered YES or you knew the other answers and you smiled while you thought about it, then...congratulations! You are living your ideal, joy-filled life and you probably don't need a coach at all. In fact, maybe you might consider being one yourself. If you answered NO and you wanted to cry or scream when you thought about the answers to the other questions...call me. NOW. 

Carol Walkner is a transformational strategist. She has the books, blogs, newsletters, groups and workshops that will get you from HERE (where you are) to THERE (where you desire to be.)

Are you ready to be inspired and enthusiastic about life? Delve into this website now and discover what more is possible for you!

Are you a business person? Are you working for someone else and wanting more, or are you an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level? There are inspirational ideas, motivational blogs and workshops that will assist you in these pursuits. Take a look. See for yourself what else, what more is possible.

Carol has helped solo entrepreneurs, large national organizations and a growing non-profit to gain clarity, create strategies that really work and an action plan to set their business goals in motion. AND...she has energetically removed the obstacles so that those desired clients are yours!

Basically it's all about balance and taking good care of your heart and soul. Simple? If you allow it to be.