• Energy Balancing combined with Success Strategies to Create Financial Freedom and Business Prosperity for Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

  • Energy Healer - Life Guidance, Spiritual Direction - Live a joy-filled life now.

  • Medical Intuition - help with physical pain

  • Reiki - an ancient art of healing the body and mind

  • Call 513-328-1038 for a complimentary 15 minute ENERGY INFO session

  • Physical Pain/Ongoing AIlments, Relationships, Pet Healing, Prosperity

IMAGINE A PAIN FREE, JOY-FILLED LIFE As an energy healer, Reiki Master, medical intuitive I can help you heal shoulder, back, knee, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, inability to focus and other pain by clearing and balancing your energy. Let's also remove the anxiety, grief, disappointment, sadness/depression so that you CAN live the joy-filled life of your dreams. Why spend one more minute being miserable? Scroll to the bottom for TESTIMONIALS.

ENERGY CLEARING FOR ENTREPENEURS READY FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM I work with you to banish your fears that the business is not coming to you!Do you have a client who is waffling? A deal that is stalled? I can help you close those larger deals, land that elusive client with energy clearing and balancing. After one session with me you will have new tools to keep the fears at bay and you receptive to all the prosperity that is yours. I will make sure the energy in your office reflects the prosperity you seek.

RADICAL SELF CARE - for caregivers, moms, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs...YOU overwhelmed and stressed to the max. A 12 module program to DE-STRESS and take your life back as you create the happiness you desire.

ENERGY BALANCING: There is energy in all your communications with family, friends and everyone you meet. By making sure your energy is clear I help to improve all those communications for love and joy-filled relationships and business successes.

SELLING YOUR HOME? I make sure the energy is upbeat and clear for a quick, easy sale.

CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM - As a medium I establish contact with your deceased loved ones, and receive messages from the spirit world. Your loved ones have important information for you.

Carol works with you in person and also remotely. She does not have to be physically next to you or in your house to “see” what is going on, and to actually do the energy work necessary. 

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