Energy Healing for Business

“We own a retail boutique and last year we had two days in a row of no sales so I called Carol to find out what might be wrong. She came right over and said there was some very angry, depressed and very negative energy floating throughout the store. She did an energy cleansing/clearing (it took about 30-45 minutes) at noon and by the end of our business day at 6:00 p.m. we had over $500 in sales and the next day we had our largest sales day up until that time of $2000. Carol is amazing. I don’t know what we and our business would do without her!” Aimee L.

Family Communication

"A few years ago my mother and I were having some huge communication issues that were just not getting resolved. After one session with Carol my mother and I saw eye to eye on things, the matter that had been in the way dissolved and my mother and I had a fabulous few years before she passed away. If I had not had that resolution with my mother, I would not be in the joyful emotional state that I am now in. She has helped with many other issues over the years as well. One session and issue resolved!!!” Joan D.

Family Relationships

"She is amazing…my husband and teen-aged son were having their differences and a rift was occurring. After one session with Carol they reconciled and are now closer than ever."  R.S.

Home Energy Clearing

"I don’t know how she does it but she was spot on with my home. We sensed a foggy, low energy that was becoming distracting. She located the cause and when I disposed of it and cleaned up the area in question everything changed. She never entered or actually came to my home…she is 600 miles away!” S.S.

IBS Symptoms

"My IBS symptoms have lessened and the sharp pain I was experiencing is gone since my session with Carol!”  S.P.

Life Improvement

“My life has never been better since I met Carol and started having regular energy sessions with her. Wow!”  S.H.

Long-term Physical Pain

"I have had severe pain in my ankles for 30 years. A few sessions with Carol and I am out of pain! Out of pain! I cannot even begin to tell you…And I used to be a skeptic. Well, not anymore! I don’t know how she does it and  I guess  I don’t need to know.”  Linda B.

Pain and Migraine Headaches

“The pain in my foot is gone and I am back to wearing my high heels! Thanks to Carol. She is working on my migraines with huge success.”  C.B.

Real Estate Space Clearing

"My house had been on the market for a couple of months and one Friday I was lamenting to Carol that we had not had one person interested.  Not even a nibble. She remote viewed the house and discovered that the energy of the house was neutral, almost non-existent. She boosted the energy Saturday morning, and suggested I put something brightly colored on the porch and in the front window for visual attention…I did this Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we received a full price offer and contract. That was fast! As a realtor, I have used her energy talents for several other houses…same results! This woman has a great gift!” K.F.

Relief from Fear

"My daughter and I were both experiencing similar, intense and debilitiating fear.   Carol located the source of our problems and we have both been able to finally relax and get on with our lives" - S. R.

Entrepreneur Story

Three large clients were "thinking about" utilizing my client's services but they were waffling, could not decide or were not ready. I checked out the office and the energy was clear/high, the client had financial concerns that were energetically obstructing the clients' decisions. I taught her tools to use to be open to the prosperity that was hers and to know that the Universe had her back. I then opened up the lines of communication between my client and her prospects. within 24  hours the largest client signed and within three days two more came in. One had been a "no" which turned into a "right now" unexpectedly.