"Thank you for immersing me in your gifts, I feel the enormity of your impact on me"

Relief from Fear

"My daughter and I were both experiencing similar, intense and debilitiating fear.   Carol located the source of our problems and we have both been able to finally relax and get on with our lives" - S. R.

Pain and Migraine Headaches

“The pain in my foot is gone and I am back to wearing my high heels! Thanks to Carol. She is working on my migraines with huge success.”  C.B.

Long-term Physical Pain

"I have had severe pain in my ankles for 30 years. A few sessions with Carol and I am out of pain! Out of pain! I cannot even begin to tell you…And I used to be a skeptic. Well, not anymore! I don’t know how she does it and  I guess  I don’t need to know.”  Linda B.

Life Improvement

“My life has never been better since I met Carol and started having regular energy sessions with her. Wow!”  S.H.

IBS Symptoms

"My IBS symptoms have lessened and the sharp pain I was experiencing is gone since my session with Carol!”  S.P.

Home Energy Clearing

"I don’t know how she does it but she was spot on with my home. We sensed a foggy, low energy that was becoming distracting. She located the cause and when I disposed of it and cleaned up the area in question everything changed. She never entered or actually came to my home…she is 600 miles away!” S.S.

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