Carol Walkner, Life Coach

Carol Walkner is a third generation psychic medium, channeling messages from the angels, spirit world, and deceased loved ones to bring clarity, healing & direction for your life and relationships.

Carol was a business owner and right brained entrepreneur by age eight and was creating events to raise money for charity by age nine. A former sales and marketing executive who quickly rose to the top, then left Corporate America behind to pursue her dream of helping people rediscover themselves and the direction in which their life is going. She is an accomplished public speaker, writer and workshop leader.

Carol uses her extensive business successes to bring financial freedom to entrepreneurs as they turn into Manifestation Magnets. When Carol removes the energy blockages that stop you from leading the life you desire and to bring in the business that you deserve...YOU start living the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

Most importantly, Carol cares deeply about people, especially someone at a crossroads in life wondering "Now What?" Drawing from the knowledge that was stored away during her own journey, Walkner is a pro at helping people to gain clarity in their lives and rediscover what makes them feel fulfilled and passionate each and every day. Carol has a gift for taking lives that one might call "okay" and morphing them into exciting, incredible, journeys that people are excited to be on. Ask Carol how QUANTUM LEAP Guidance & Coaching can lead you to your best life.

Carol is a certified Reiki master specializing in energy balancing, clearing and healing which helps reduce stress as well as restore physical and emotional well-being. Energy balancing is a natural, holistic alternative for healing.

Carol serves on the board of trustees of Women Writing For (a) Change, a delicious writing school in Cincinnati; She is one of the lead directors for the Cincinnati chapter of Ellevate Global Network.

When Carol isn't transforming lives (and the world!) you can find her brainstorming her next dazzling book, writing poetry, and speed walking throughout the city.  As a proud grandmother who tries her hardest to not look or act like one, she still plays the role beautifully when dividing her time between her home in Cincinnati, the Jersey Shore, and California where her three grandchildren reside.

Carol has helped solo entrepreneurs, large national organizations and a growing non-profit to gain clarity, create strategies that really work and an action plan to set their business goals in motion. AND...she has energetically removed the obstacles so that those desired clients are yours!

Basically it's all about balance and taking good care of your heart and soul. Simple? If you allow it to be.

I offer a free 20 minute 'Discovery' call.

Carol Walkner

(513) 328-1038