Breakthrough Life Coaching

Creating Profound & Lasting Change

“Energy cannot be destroyed, it can be changed & transformed!”

Carol Walkner, Life Coaching

Who are you right now in your life? How do you want to FEEL in every aspect of that life? We will dive deep into who you are , your values, what matters and how you want to feel to create your most joy filled life.

In 4 sessions you get:

1. To break through old blocks/patterns/stories stopping you from the life you deserve/desire

2. A tried & true program that works *(see herstory & successes below)

3. To live your life from that deep, most powerful part of YOU

4. Individualized, unique messages channeled from angels, the spirit world, guides & masters

5. Energy healing/balancing throughout as needed

6. To live a joy filled life, do work you love, filled with peace, calm and joy from the deepest part of your heart & soul


Eight years ago my life was okay, not great, not joy filled, just okay until I decided okay was not good enough. I did not want to live with regret and I was in my 60’s. Where was MY joy filled, free and easy life? As I transformed my life, I developed a program, wrote a book/workbook and coached people as a BETA test for their best life. Each person was transformed by the program.

I left a long term relationship and drove from NY to California to start over (again). I KNEW the Universe had my back; I had faith and trust that whatever I was doing was leading to something wonderful. I had no idea what and…I kept asking myself, who am I NOW, what really matters, what do I value at my core and HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE?

The answers led to my program and my life now. Please know this: I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER EVER IN MY LIFE. I designed THE life that worked BEST for me. We can do that for YOU too.

Contact me now to find out how. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to live YOUR best, joyfilled, life?