Pickle Ball

An ABCDerian poem form about Life as Pickle Ball or is it Pickle Ball as Life? You decide

0 – 0 – START
Always do your best – on or off the court
Be ready for what is coming at you: balls, trouble, fun
Count your blessings – off the court and on
Decide who you want to be and be that!
Everything is next…be ready
Forget last year, forgive the past, move through, play full on
Go for it! The ball, the next best thing, that new job/client, all the fun & fantasy life has to offer
Helping others helps you – on the court and in life
Invite awe, wonder, fun, frivolity while letting go of the have to
Just play the game – it’s okay not to win all the time
Keep your eye on the ball, always
Learn from your mistakes
Most of all, stay authentic, don’t give up and keep score of the good
Not all balls will come right to you – be ready
Open your mind, your mouth, your eyes, your heart
Patience is paramount
Quit believing you have to be perfect – it’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get
back up
Rest on your laurels when you can; relax in the knowledge game is starting now
Stay out of the kitchen. Don’t burn
Try your best, even when you’re exhausted and feeling defeated
Unique is you – Y-O-U. No one plays or lives like you do. Play & live like you mean it!
Victory is not always at hand & that’s okay. Life and this game are a roller coaster – hang on
Wait for the ball to come to you, why wait in life – grab it now or walk away knowing you’ll be back
Xany Xenas – this is me, that’s you
You get to play the game of life and pickle ball your way
Zero Zero Start – NOW!