"I’ve been anxious about almost everything most of my life. As I approached 50, it was worse than ever – I felt as though I was drowning. My lack of confidence was keeping me from so much. After three energy sessions, I am a new woman. I was drowning in doubts and you became my life preserver! Thank you!"

The Queen

A coaching client in her late 40’s had deep insights into herself within the first hour session. As she embodied the energy of her authentic regal self she was transformed in that moment. She has a clearer insight into the events in her life that led her to not believe in who she really was. She has a deeper knowingness of herself. Her posture was more confident, her head held high – truly believing in herself – possibly for the first time since she was a teenager.

Little Girl Found

One of my breakthrough coaching clients is a successful woman in her early 50’s, happily married with an okay life. She was ready for more…more joy, more happiness at work, more joy in her relationships. More of the “good stuff”.
One of the elements holding this woman back was a trauma that she experienced as a young child. With a combination of energy techniques, channeled messages and my breakthrough program, after 3 sessions we were able to reach the powerful little girl before the trauma and we locked in the energy of the powerful girl as the energy of the traumatized girl dissipated. She now identifies with only the powerful girl.
This client had done previous deep inner work, was ready to be totally authentic and be who she was meant to be.

My Own Story - from ok to fabulous!

Are YOU living your best life? Can you honestly say you are joy-filled? Do you feel stuck? Are YOU ready to go from okay to FABULOUS?

Eight years ago my life was ok…in a long term okay relationship, a house by the beach, still working full time, writing a self-development book…life was okay. Something was missing…where was the inspiration? The joy? The fabulous? I was ready for my year of living dangerously…or was it more living inspired, trusting that the Universe had my back and I was being guided.

Okay was no longer good enough! SO…I left the relationship, sold my part of the house, put everything in storage and drove from New York to S. California to help out my son and his family. I had no idea what was going to happen that year, where I would live after California, exactly what my work would be or where I would be.

I was coaching myself and transforming my life. I was taking it one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time, knowing I was on purpose and all would be well. And I had a sense that fabulous was close by. By the end of the year, I was in Cincinnati, OH where I had friends, colleagues and clients…I was guided there to study mediumship, hone my psychic abilities and establish my life.

I have never looked back and have never been happier. My life and I are FABULOUS.

Entrepreneur Story

Three large clients were "thinking about" utilizing my client's services but they were waffling, could not decide or were not ready. I checked out the office and the energy was clear/high, the client had financial concerns that were energetically obstructing the clients' decisions. I taught her tools to use to be open to the prosperity that was hers and to know that the Universe had her back. I then opened up the lines of communication between my client and her prospects. within 24  hours the largest client signed and within three days two more came in. One had been a "no" which turned into a "right now" unexpectedly.

Relief from Fear

"My daughter and I were both experiencing similar, intense and debilitiating fear.   Carol located the source of our problems and we have both been able to finally relax and get on with our lives" - S. R.

Real Estate Space Clearing

"My house had been on the market for a couple of months and one Friday I was lamenting to Carol that we had not had one person interested.  Not even a nibble. She remote viewed the house and discovered that the energy of the house was neutral, almost non-existent. She boosted the energy Saturday morning, and suggested I put something brightly colored on the porch and in the front window for visual attention…I did this Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we received a full price offer and contract. That was fast! As a realtor, I have used her energy talents for several other houses…same results! This woman has a great gift!” K.F.

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